RICKOONS guarantees that this kitten/cat is in good health. The kitten/cat has been immunized against Feline Enteritis, Feline Rhiontracheis and Calici Virus. This kitten/cat is guaranteed FeLV negative. RICKOONS Health Warranty extends for one week from date of this contract. If, within the guarantee period the kitten/cat is shown to be sick by a licensed veterinarian, Purchaser agrees either: Return the kitten/cat to RICKOONS to be returned when health is restored or at the Purchaser’s request, RICKOONS will provide a full refund of the purchase price.

Purchaser will present RICKOONS with a veterinarian’s bill for reimbursement for the kitten/cat’s treatment. RICKOONS maximum shall be no greater that the purchase price of said kitten/cat. In the case of premature death, RICKOONS requests and will reimburses Purchaser for a post-mortem report for reimbursement. A veterinarian’s receipt and records confirming that the illness was contracted by the kitten/ cat prior to purchase MUST be accompany Purchaser’s request for reimbursement.

Payment of veterinarian services up to RICKOONS maximum liability will be made only upon receipt of an itemized statement. RICKOONS will not honor any claims made after the guarantee period except as stated in Item #3 below.

  1. Should this kitten/cat develop any hereditary illness or defect within the first year of life, RICKOONS will refund the full purchase price provide the following provisions are met: A licensed veterinarian treated the kitten/cat and RICKOONS was contacted.

  2. Purchaser presents a statement from the veterinarian verifying diagnosis of the illness or defect, or a post mortem report showing a hereditary illness or defect the kitten/cat.

  3. Purchaser returns the kitten/cat to RICKOONS if it is living. Veterinary records confirming hereditary defect/ illness must be provided to RICKOONS prior to returning the kitten/cat.

Should the kitten/cat, if it has been sold as Breeder/ Show quality, prove sterile after having been mated to proven studs/queens, RICKOONS will return the difference between purchase price and pet quality price. Before RICKOONS refunds the difference to the Purchaser, the cat must be neutered or spayed. If purchaser prefers, the cat may be returned to RICKOONS for a full refund of the purchase price of replacement with a cat of comparable quality.

RICKOONS does not guarantee the health; show quality or quality of kittens produced from future breedings of breeder/show kittens/cats.

RICKOONS holds the right to void this health warranty if item #3 page 1, of the Sales agreement, has been violated. (Declawing- Purchaser will not have this cat declawed unless deemed medically necessary by your veterinarian. Violation of this clause will render the health warranty Null and Void.)

RICKOONS will assume no responsibility for kittens/cats negative reaction to any vaccinations, specifically, Feline Leukemia, FIP and/or Rabies and as mentioned in the RICKOONS Sales Agreement, if the kitten/cat are administered these vaccines, with the exception of Rabies vaccine. This also includes spade and neutering of the kittens. This warranty will be Null and Void.