Frequently Asked Questions About Main Coon Cats!

We know that many people are fascinated  by this wonderful breed of cat, and often have questions about them.  Here are a few of the most-asked questions that we encounter when talking to folks about Maine Coons.

How large do Maine Coons get? 2020-05-10T18:18:23-04:00

Our adult Maine Coons are very much what you would expect with this breed: an average of 18-25 pounds for full-grown, neuter males and 12-18 pounds for full-grown, spayed females. Size is prized in this breed, but in our opinion overall weight should not be the key attribute to evaluate when looking for a Maine Coon.

You may also want to check out the pictures of our recent litters (when available) to see how these “gentle giants” start out.

What colors and patterns do Maine Coons have?2020-04-14T19:17:44-04:00

This hardy breed is available in 25 accepted coat colors. Coat colors include –smokes(black, blue) browns, silvers, blues, reds, red/silvers and solids including white and black. They also have two different coat patterns — classic (swirls) or mackerel (striped).

The Maine Coons coat is long, heavy and silky. Their hair is shorter at the head and increases in length moving down to the hindquarters and tail.

How much care do Maine Coons need?2020-05-10T18:16:53-04:00

Grooming is recommended about once a week to prevent matting. Our kittens are used to being combed. We recommend a non-plastic comb or brush. The plastic can develop static electricity and can give your cat little shocks. A bamboo or all metal comb or brush will eliminate that possibility.

They can be bathed if you wish. Be sure you acclimate your kitten to bath time at an early age and be sure not to dry out their coat by bathing too frequently.

Their nails should be trimmed as needed. We recommend trimming a kitten’s nails once a week and an adult’s once a month.

What type of personality should I expect?2020-04-13T18:46:46-04:00

Maine coons are one of the largest and oldest natural breed of cats. They have incredible personalities and are very hardy, outgoing, affectionate, playful and sweet pets. They are people oriented and most are lap kitties and love snuggling, sleeping and being with their owners. They also want to be involved in every aspect of family life. They often greet our guests at the door and make themselves part of the gathering. A Maine Coon kitten will be a very loving addition to any family.

How do I find a Maine Coon?2020-05-08T19:56:36-04:00

There are numerous Maine Coon Cat breeders in the United States and most are dedicated to the preservation and protection of this wonderful breed. We believe it is best for interested individuals to visit the cattery before purchasing a kitten. You want to be comfortable with the way the cats are maintained, how the adults behave and how the kittens are being raised. Therefore, anyone looking for a kitten should contact their local Maine Coon breeders first.

How do I choose the best Maine Coon for my home?2020-04-14T19:16:25-04:00

When visiting a cattery, sit down on the floor and play with the kittens until one lays down in your lap and falls asleep on you. This kitten feels safe with you and will be a great companion. Try not to judge kittens on their color or sex. The goal is to find a kitten based on the connection they have with you. The last item is;  please bring a cat carrier with you, we will not allow a cat to go home without one.

More Info on Maine Coons?2020-04-13T18:49:35-04:00

An excellent source of information is the Maine Coon FAQ Sheet at www.CFA.org  Also, contact MCBFA, the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association. Cat Fanciers’ Association also has a good discussion of the breed at their site on the Maine Coon Breed Council page.

If you have any question please call us at 440-263-8989, we would like to talk with you about your cat or your situation to see if a Maine Coon would be a fit, without pressure.

Please Be Aware of Scams!2020-05-08T19:57:20-04:00

Some scammers are stealing photos from websites, using legitimate cattery names, using the first names of breeders and only texting information. The scammers usually will only take money through PayPal or ask for money to be wired through Western Union, especially if you’re out of state and can’t check on them.

Also, research breeders that are out-of-the-country. Be aware of any red flags – an unusually cheap price, free shipping, or the seller wanting gift cards as payment. That’s why we recommend that you talk with a local breeder, see the cattery and not be lured in by a cute kitten picture.

Ask for referrals; this may protect you from scammers!

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