1. Purchaser will keep this kitten/cat (hereinafter referred to as “cat” as long as it lives unless circumstances prevent. If it becomes necessary for Purchaser to give up the cat, Purchaser will contact RICKOONS for the right of refusal for no more that the purchase price, excluding shipping fees. It is understood that this cat will not be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, research facility or similar institution. RICKOONS will assist the Purchaser in finding a suitable home for the cat.

2. Purchaser agrees never to allow this cat outdoors unless leashed or placed in a secured area accompanied by a responsible person to supervise its freedom for its health and safety.

3. Purchaser will not have this cat declawed unless deemed medically necessary by your veterinarian. Violation of this clause will render the health warranty Null and Void.

4. Purchaser will have this cat immunized every third year.  It is the recommendation of this breeder that this kitten/cat should not be vaccinated against FIP or Feline Leukemia. If it is found that these have been administered, the Health Warranty will be Null and Void.

5. Purchaser will never leave the cat alone for more than 24 hours unless arrangements have been made with a responsible person to provide fresh food and water at least once a day.

6. Purchaser will not confine the cat to a cage except for necessary isolation during an illness, during a show or when kept as a stud cat.

7. If requested by RICKOONS, Purchaser will provide recent records that the Purchaser’s other household cats are healthy and test negative for FeIV and FIV viruses.

8. If the cat is sold as Pet Quality, Purchaser understands that following spay/neuter agreement is applicable: Purchaser will have the cat neutered/spayed upon sexual maturity. (Females approx. 8-9 months: Males may be kept whole longer if so desired to allow the characteristic muscle and boning to develop). Purchaser will send RICKOONS a certificate of spay/neuter showing the date of surgery. Purchaser understands that the registered papers provided by RICKOONS will be marked “not for breeding” and will be held until receipt of proof of spay/neuter.

9. Purchaser agrees to have the cat examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours (excluding weekends) from date of taking possession of the cat in order to confirm the cat’s healthy condition.

10. If the cat is sold as Breeder/Show Quality, the purchaser will register the cat in at least one Association. Purchaser will find a suitable mate of the cat and it must be approved by RICKOONS, unless otherwise agreed, prior to breeding the cat.

11. If found negligent of any of the preceding provisions, Purchaser will surrender ownership of this cat to RICKOONS Cattery without compensation.

12. To aid us in our breeding program, Purchaser agrees to send photos of the cat to RICKOONS at the ages of 6 months and 1 year old. Purchaser should enclose a brief note describing the health and temperament of the cat.