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At Rickoons, our goal is to place wonderful Maine Coons with loving families. We accomplish this by producing healthy, beautiful kittens with sweet and loving personalities. Their intelligence, affection, charm, independence, beauty and size make these magnificent felines truly one of a kind. We place our kittens in homes where they will receive the love, care and attention that they are so willing to give to their new family.

Maine Coons are like that potato chip, you can’t have just one!

 Our lines are of Regional Winners and Grand Champions! 

All of our cats are DNA and Ultrasound for HCM.  We also test for PK Deficiency and SMA.

Thanks for visiting our site, Rick & Joann Ruff  



Also Please check us out on FaceBook search for: Rickoons Maine Coon Cattery.  We have plenty of pictures and videos.

The Maine Coon is best suited for an owner who wants a lot of cat – in every sense of the word. As the largest domestic cat breed, they make their presence known – especially when they’re in the mood for a little snuggling. They like to be a part of every activity - reading the newspaper, relaxing on the couch, sorting the laundry, working on the computer or even taking a shower – yes, they like water, too.

The Maine Coon has a completely social, charming and family-oriented personality. They are an excellent addition to any household and enjoy the company of adults, children and other animals.

With their striking and charismatic features, you may fall in love with this breed’s looks, but you’ll stay in love with their personality.

All of our cats are tested at UC Davis.


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