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Please contact us to find out which shows we will be attending.

Shows are becoming more in frequent due to declining interest in the shows. Please support the shows that are currently scheduled.

Here is the current website for the current list
of shows.


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"Harley,"  (picture on the right) father of 3 CFA National Winners, along with 10 Grand Champions/ Grand Premiers, is a beautiful brown tabby & white and was bred by Derick and Joann Ruff. He has a thick, muscular body and a stunning head to compliment the whole cat. His warm brown color and beautiful pattern are the best I have seen in all of my years of breeding. Harley earned a Regional Win in the Great Lakes Region in just 4 shows! He had a wonderful show personality and has passed his sweet temperament onto all of his offspring. Harley is now retired from breeding but all of my current breeding females have a piece of his genes in their pedigrees. I am hoping to continue his wonderful color, pattern and personality in the kittens I will be producing.

"Harley" is a remarkable cat whose impact on the Maine Coon breed has been profound. And . . . he is as sweet as he is beautiful!    

We were just informed that our boy Rickoons Rockford of MacDuff has just DM.  It means that our boy has sired 15 grand champions either males or females.  That means that each grand beat 200 other cats in competition.  Here are the grands:

Harley's "15" are:

GC, NW The CatHut Little Big Man (Odelle & Geraldine Berry)
GP, NW Angtini's Nick Charles of MacDuff (Barbara Ley & Ron Dylewski)
GP, NW Javacats Steeped In Irony (Gina Greco-Emrich and Ernie Emrich)
GC Angtini's Joe Fish of Tropikoons, DM (Stephanie Boulter)
GC Sharmani's Sam Spade -- Canadian Cat Association's "Best Cat" (Sharon & Manny Strauch, Barbara Ley)
GC, RW Javacats Jewel Tea Company (Gina Greco-Emrich and Ernie Emrich)
GC, RW Dewisplear Treme of Nekoland (Joel & Camelle Chaney)
GP Maine Lvrs Met Your Match Joselin (Michelle Chaffee)
GP Angtini Walter Kitty (Carol Edwards)
GP Angtini Tahiri of MacDuff (Barbara Ley & Ron Dylewski) ( Formerly "of Kelimcoons" - Rita, Kim, Kelly Berg)
GC Angtini Emalaith of Dewisplear (Joel & Camelle Chaney)
GC Mayn Dezyn B-Dazzle (Dianne & Barry Dodd)
GC Dewisplear Ivy of Angtini (Linda Komar, Joel & Camelle Chaney)
GP Angtini Evelyn Salt (Barbara Ley & Ron Dylewski) (Formerly "of Mainesuspect" -- Sherry Campbell)
GP Angtini Gavi (Linda Komar & Judy Hunter)



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