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      Updated: UNDER CONSTRUCTION 3/03/2018
All of our males are show and working towards their grands.  All the females are shown and also working toward their grands.

Ember's is a newer girl in the breeding program. 


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Orion is a silver tabby, he is large and has a great personality.  His coat has a nice pattern and it's long.


Sienna is a brown patched tabby with a great personality.  Her coat is very vibrant an has a nice pattern.  She had a litter of great kittens and looking forward to her next. 


This is Oliver, he is from The Cat Hut Cattery.



gallerygallery gallerygallery gallerygallery



Autumn is one of the new girls that came from the breeding of Oliver and Belle.  She is a vibrant brown patched tabby.  By the way she is so sweet.



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