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 We adopted our first Maine Coons, Samson and Buttons, in 1999 from LiJaKae Cattery owned by Linda and John Evans. After falling in love with this gentle, loving and playful breed of cat and becoming good friends with Linda and John, we decided to start our own breeding program.

Our first litter from Tinker and Beau was born in 2003. Tinker gave birth to three perfect kittens. Experiencing the birth, nurturing and development of these kittens, we were hooked.

From this beginning, our cattery expanded. Our breeding males are Zeus and Thunder, Thunder is our house breeder with Oliver, both are red tabbies with white.  We also have four breeding females Cayanne, Maybelline, along with our new additions Sienna which is a brown patched tabby and Sapphire of The Cat Hut. 

Rickoon Cattery is a small cattery located 10 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio.  We are registered with the CFA and are inspected annually by a licensed veterinarian in accordance with the CFA's Cattery Standards Program and earning the title of "CFA Cattery of Excellence". We are active members of the Cleveland Persian Society, Great Lakes Great Maines and the Maine Coon Council 2014. We show our cats in CFA sponsored cat shows throughout the Midwest.

Rick & Joann Ruff

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